How to make money in music as an artiste, shocking way to make up to $1000

This article is acomprehensive information any upcoming artiste need in order to learn how tomake his music profitable.


Really want to knowHow to make money in music?

The truth is music isvery lucrative but getting to the top is the challenge many upcoming artisteface.


Is hard for someone tobuy your song when you are not famous, people want to listen to Davido, Wizkid,Cardi B, Burna Boy and the rest, just because they have already made a mark inthe industry and you too can make that mark.


An upcoming artisteshould have:

As an artiste you needpeople to succeed, not only people but the right people. As an artiste you needto have the following:




Disc Jockey (DJ)

On Air Personality(OAP)


An artiste manager isresponsible to run the affairs of the artiste, he represent the artiste, hebook events, advice the artiste, negotiate contracts and many more.

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Hypeman is oneimportant name that don’t need to be ignored, an artiste need to have anhypeman that will be hyping him, his songs before and after the release date.


Disc Jockey (DJ) playan important role in the rising up of upcoming artiste, every artiste need tobe friendly with DJs, establish connection between you and DJs, if you can geta personal DJ that will be better but if you can’t get then you still need tomake friends with DJs for a wider promotion.


On Air Personality(OAP) plays important role in making artiste famous. Contact OAPs, both thosewho work in Radio and TV stations, be very close and friendly with them, tryand book interview with them, some OAP will demand for money before they playyour song or grant you interview while some will help you for free, but all thesame take the bull by the horn.


Bloggers reallydeserve credit when it comes to promoting artiste, bloggers will create wideaudience for you. Make friends with bloggers, pay bloggers for promotion, ifpossible get a personal blogger that will take your project as his priority.


Now let me show youhow to make money in music

When it comes tomaking money in music as an artiste, in this article i will explain differentways on how to make money in music.


There are three waysyou can make money with your music as an artiste, which are:




Digital stores


As an artiste you needto make money by attending events, even as upcoming is not all the events thatyou go for FREE. Try and put value in your craft, make yourself a brand, makepeople pay you for their events.


When someone contactyou for an event, refer the person to your manager for discussion andnegotiation, even if you are upcoming try and make your brand a valuable one.


Music is expensive,since the government or corporate body are not sponsoring your bills, you needto charge clients who need your service so you can get money to pay your bills,like I said music is expensive. If you really want to know how to make money inmusic then follow this guide.



Do you know that if asan artiste, if you don’t have a YouTube channel then you are losing it all.


Get yourself a Googleaccount and create a YouTube channel for your music. After you havesuccessfully created your YouTube channel, don’t allow it to be bored, make itlively, promote it, share it on social media, post great content.


Before now you shouldknow that data is expensive if you are in Nigeria, so people don’t like towatch what is not up to their taste, nobody wants to waste data, make yourvideo clean, make HD videos, don’t post blur videos on YouTube and expectpeople to view it.


Make your YouTubechannel very active, get thousands of viewers on your videos, get subscribersand monetize your YouTube channel and start making money in music.


Digital Stores

Digital stores areplace you sell your music online. You can automate everything then go to sleepwhile people buy or stream your songs online and you make money.


Digital stores likeiTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Boomplay and more.


Meanwhile is not easyfor someone to buy your song if you are not popular, so before putting yoursong on digital stores, make sure you promote your craft, don’t be stingy withimproving yourself, invest in your music and be rest assured that you will makeit big.


How can I put my songson Digital stores

This is a question Ihave received from artiste and I know you maybe asking this same question, ifso then don’t worry as you will get the answer now.


As an artiste, if youhave a record label, they will be responsible for selling your songs online butif you are an unsigned artiste you need to partner with a distribution companyto sell your songs online.


The distributioncompany are responsible for putting your songs on all digital stores that youdesire, when people buy or stream your songs, you get paid.


Some distributioncompany share your royalties from the music sale while some pay you all yourroyalties but you will register with a yearly subscription, the pricing differsdepending on the distribution company you are using.


Examples of somedistribution companies are:






Horus Music.

Fresh Tunes.



Level Music.

All you have to do isvisit their site, read their terms and conditions, make sure it is favourablebefore you sign up and start selling your music online and make money.


I have come to the endof this article, I hope this was helpful, please share so others can also getthe idea of how to make money in music.


This post was compiledby Katumu Adasi, you can reach me on Facebook

Published on 28 Jul 2020 / in Music & Audio


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